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Believe in Yourself...When All Men Doubt You.

Believe in Yourself when All Men doubt You.
Eleanor Roosevelt said it best:

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you will be criticized anyway. You will be damned if you do, and damned if you do not. Such A famous quote has a lot of truth and can be interpreted in multiple analogies depending on your situation.

Here are some points to consider when starting a home based Business.
1. Talk to your family and your best friend.
Listen to what they say, if the majority of the people you speak to raise doubts about what you are doing then be sure to carefully re-evaluate what you are doing and alter your plans as needed as you proceed. If others have done what you are planning you stand a good chance of succeeding yourself.

2. Be prepared for rejection by those closest to you!
Despite you own self assurances of success and your own trust in your own abilities, some or even many of those around you may openly doubt the soundness of your plan or even your ability to make it work. It is part of the human condition to unconsciously want to see others fail. Many of us go to auto races just to see a crash, or to a boxing match not so much to see the winner win as to see the looser get KO'd!
The Race is not Given to the swift, Nor to The Strong, But to He that Can Endure to the End
Matt 24:13.
Believe in your self, when all men doubt you.

Many arguments you will hear will be one-sided and made by people who make good money while working FOR other people. Their point will be, "you should get a job and play it safe".The sooner you drop the 9 to 5 mentality which holds so many of us back the sooner you will arrive at the success you seek.

Remember that there are NO get rich Quick schemes that work, only patience, persistance and hard work will matter. Do not wait for your God to send you a great purpose, if you want your life to mean something, then find your own purpose and set yourself to work on it. All things are Possible, But Nothing is Easy!

3. Set your self regular goals.
Start with any amount, say $100.00 per month and go from there. Raise the amount only after reaching the first one 3 times. In time you will begin to know a success that those around you can only dream of.

4. Stay away from Drama.
There will be people who will not only try to convince you that your plans will not work, but they will try to undo your work. In the beginning you may have to work alone, later anyone you hire should not be family for the reasons sited earlier and should be employed as employees and not as friends. They would be there to work, not play on the internet or socialize. Don't let personal relationships enter in to your business, you are in business to make money, any one who is not down with that should not be there...ever!

5. Be ready to fail and try again.
You are going to meet all sorts of problems along the way to your goals, be prepared to deal with them as they arise, like a swordsmen facing multiple opponents as they draw near, taking on the nearest one as each approaches. Persistence and patience...It is the only way to succeed.


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